Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Lesson for the Bears

David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune recently highlighted the horribleness that is Jerry Angelo, much like I did recently, in a recent article:

Chicago Bears Should Find their own Epstein

It's refreshing to see someone in the national/local media say what most fans have been saying for a long time - that the entire leadership group at Halas Hall needs to be fired. George McCaskey, who only this year took over as Bears chairman, needs to quickly make his own mark, much like Rocky Wirtz and John McDonough did for the Hawks when Bill Wirtz died. On the eve of another nationally televised game for the Bears tonight, Bears fans are expecting the worst. Again. This is what the Jerry Angelo and Ted Phillips era has become - a shock if the Bears do well, but usually just an expectation of misery. Let's hope that George McCaskey tries to put his own stamp on the Bears, which can only be done by completely cleaning house. Yet, time will tell if George falls into the same trap that his brother Michael and his father Ed fell into - the penny pinching and apathetic attitude that eventually permeates through the entire Bears organization. This one is on you, George.