Friday, October 14, 2011

Mike Martz

This is pretty perfect, and kind of speaks for itself.

This guy needs to be fired. He has no concept of the personnel he has on the field. He doesn't understand that his offensive line won't allow Jay Cutler to take the 7 step drops that his offense requires. He doesn't understand that not allowing his QB to audible, when Jay can clearly see horrible mismatches, is ridiculous. He doesn't understand that consistently getting the ball into Matt Forte's hands is not only a good idea, but REQUIRED for us to have a chance at winning. He doesn't understand that the complex timing routes his offense requires don't work when your receivers are Johnny Knox, Roy "Cupcake" Williams, and Devin Hester (although Dane Sanzenbacher is ok). Yet, we know that because his boss is Jerry Angelo, he'll probably be promoted or given a raise. The Bears management is an embarrassment.