Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Missing the Chicago Bulls

With the NBA mired in a lockout (the idiocy of which I will leave for another post), I figured the only way to cheer up from having the first couple weeks of the season cancelled is to look at Derrick Rose Highlights. Granted, this could actually make us more depressed (or maybe that would be Carlos Boozer highlights), but whatever - D Rose is sick. Sit back and enjoy.

2011 Playoff Highlights

General 2011 Highlights

Buzzer Beater vs. Rockets

Dunk vs. Celtics

Dunk vs. Suns

Sick Alley-oop vs. Pistons

Dunk vs. Hawks

Dunk vs. Thunder

Crossover vs. Thunder

Dunk vs. Thunder

Dunk vs. Philly

Block on Rondo

Crossover on Rondo